Make a hobby horse with Aimee Corbett

Artform: Craft, textiles
The Challenge: Make a hobby horse
What you will need: See below



This activity is not suitable for children under 6 years due to the materials and equipment being used which includes small and sharp parts. It is the responsibility of the parent/s or legal guardian/s of the child to provide safe and strict supervision of any materials and equipment needed. The maker, Aimee Corbett assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability arising from the mishandling or wrong usage of material, equipment and its product.

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What you will need:


Needle & thread 12m approx

To be used with help of adult or under adult supervision

To be used with help of adult or under adult supervision


To be used with help of adult or under adult supervision


Print out the 4 jpegs to fit a full A4 page, align and stick together


Material for head and mane
Needs to have some give (a little bit of stretch) and not fray too easily. Suggestions: old cotton sweatchirts, hoodies, wool blankets.


2 x Dots
Suggestions: sticky label, white paper and tape or fabric chalk


Suggestions: 2 x buttons or contrasting coloured felt fabric


Suggestions: scoured wool, soft material scraps, bubble wrap or hay (taking into account any allergies).


Pole 80 cm long approx
Suggestions: dowling, old broom handle, or a simple stick, I’ve used hazel (remove any sharp twigs!)


Binding 13 cm approx
Cotton binding I have found to be the best for this and your local haberdashery is likely to supply it. If you can’t get any, alternative suggestions to finishing your horse at the end would be using glue with adult supervision or a strong tape that you could then wrap a ribbon over.


2 x Small nail tacks
These are to go in the binding at the end again alternatives to to finishing your horse at the end would be using glue with adult supervision or a strong tape that you could then wrap a ribbon over.


Find out more about Aimee:

Aimee is a theatre maker and educator. As a theatre maker they create work about people and journeys. So far Aimee has gone to space by bicycle, crashed a hot air balloon in the arctic and hobby horsed from Wales to London!


Aimee designs bespoke drama workshops and projects for all ages and abilities (online and in person). Enabling people to have fun, socialise and explore their imaginations. Building communication skills, a sense of confidence and wellbeing. Aimee teaches English to primary and secondary students, as well as English as a second language to teenagers and adults.


Who else makes art like this?

Mari Lwyd: Simon Whitehead



Share your hobby horse with friends and family or post a picture of it on social media. Be sure to use the hashtags #artsawardathome #loveartsaward

We would love to see what you have created so don’t forget to upload a picture with your completed logbook


Part 2:

Take your hobby horse for a canter in your garden, park, local field and use your senses to experience the journey anew. Can you fill in this poem about your adventure?

A Journey with my Hobby Horse

I heard the wind that...
Speaking of...
The trees heard...
I heard the echoes of...
I felt the texture of...
I smelt the scent of...
I saw the.........Under my...
And the horse’s hooves were... v The landscape once was and still is......

Written by...





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