Make a cardboard tube dragon with Darrell Wakelam


Artform: Sculpture, 3D modelling
The Challenge: Make a cardboard tube dragon
What you will need: 2 x cardboard tubes, scissors, masking tape, paints


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1.  Cut two tubes in half and join two halves together


2.  Cut one of the other half-tubes into triangles. (Seven or eight will do.)


3.  Use one triangle for the brow and one for each ear


4.  Slit the end of the nose and jaw and pull together


5.  Use two triangles to make nostrils

6.  Make a cone with another to make a horn for the nose.


7.  Scrunch up some tape for the eyes.


8.  Cut teeth from the last of the half tubes and fix them in.


9.  Ready to paint. To colour my dragon I've used regular water-colour paints and water based metallic paint to add shine.


Find out more about Darrell:

Darrell Wakelam has been providing art workshops and training sessions in schools and educational settings nationwide for over 30 years. His artwork is predominantly 3D and consists of models, masks and sculptures created from cardboard and other everyday recycled materials. Darrell has created lots more exciting models to make here

See what else you can find out about Darrell from his website


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