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Artform: Drawing
The Challenge: Draw a Mouse
What you will need: Pencils, paper, black pen ,rubber and paints


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1.With your pencil, draw a circle for the head- it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be big enough to have eyes and a nose on. Then draw two slightly smaller circles along the top of the head circle.

2.Next draw two smaller ovals as the eyes-keep them near the top of the head circle.

3. Now draw a pointy nose with a small circle on the end- have the bottom of the nose line pointing upwards a bit. Oh, and put some dots in the eyes!

4.draw an upright oval shape underneath the head making the top end a bit thinner- this will be the body.

5.Now for the bottom legs-draw two small ovals slightly at an angle and add two small sausage shapes on the bottom of them for the feet.

6. And here are the extras! Draw a smile at the bottom of the nose, two arms with paws and a tail.

(If you think any part is in the wrong place for your mouse like the arms then just draw some other ones.)

7.When you are happy with your mouse, draw over your design with the black pen- remember to draw over the parts that are in the front-like the nose 1st.When you are finished then rub out all the pencil lines with your rubber.

8. Now add some colour! Use paints or coloured pencils to bring your mouse to life.

9.Experimenting time!

If you draw the body at an angle from the head, it can look like it’s moving.

10.Try different positions for the arms, legs and tail to make the mouse walk/run/jump.

11.For a lie down, try putting the body oval behind the head and to one side to get a sleeping mouse.

12.Now you’re a mouse drawing expert try adding things like hats, jewellery, tools or musical instruments and make the mouse unique!


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Woody Fox has been an illustrator for the last 35 years, specialising in children's books. He's also designed for children's clothing, card ranges and other publications. Born in London, he moved to Devon 20 years ago where he also studied basketry and he now works as a willow sculptor as well as the illustration. His influences are the environment and all aspects of nature. For Illustration go to For sculpture go to

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Thank you to Woody Fox for drawing the mice you can see on our Arts Award pages, if you'd like to learn how to draw mice check out Woody's challenge