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Overdue Books

Borrower Charge per item
Adult 20p per day (maximum £3.60)
Over 65s 15p per day (maximum £2.00)
16 to 17 year olds 10p per day (maximum £1.20)
Under 16 year olds Exempt
Chronically sick or disabled Exempt
Looked after children and young people Exempt
Charge for each final account letter inc. VAT £1.10


CDs, Music and Language Courses

Music CDs and DVDs are hired for an initial period of 1 week. Some items are free to borrow. Language courses are hired for an initial period of 3 weeks (6 weeks for special language sets).

Item Charge per item Overdue Charges
Music CDs 55p 20p per day (maximum £3.10)
Language courses £1.10 20p per day (maximum £3.10)
Audio books Free  


Hire of Music and Play Sets

This facility is provided through joint arrangements with Devon and Plymouth library services. The cost of postage for this service is levied. Please ask a member of staff for details.


Computer Hire

Library members Up to 2 hours free per day
Additional time - per 30 minutes £1.10
Non library members - per 30 minutes £1.10

Storage devices are available to buy. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Printing and copying 

Charges shown include VAT. 

Photocopies and printouts from microfilm, microfiche or computer terminal are charged by copy rather than by sheet. 

Size Black and white Colour (where available)
A4 printout 10p 55p
A4 copy 10p 55p
A3 copy 25p 80p


Photographic work and digitisation 

Charges for this work are based on the actual cost to Torbay Library Services plus an amount to cover staff time and administration. The whole charge is subject to VAT. Please ask staff for more details. 

Reproduction rights and royalties 

Torbay Library Services will allow reproduction for commercial publications or broadcasts of some material for which Torbay Council holds the copyright and for some material which is out of copyright and owned by the Council. Please ask staff for assistance.


DVDs are hired for an initial period of 1 week, at the following rates.

Item Hire charge for 1 week Charges beyond initial hire
Yellow label DVD £2.90 55p per day (maximum £6.60)
Blue label DVD £2.20 45p per day (maximum £5.20)
White label DVD Free 20p per day (maximum £2.00)


Lost and Damaged Items 

Where the lost or damaged item has been added to Torbay Libraries stock within the last three years, the original cost of the item - if known - will be charged. Otherwise, a sliding scale of charges, based on the standard replacement cost and the age of the item, will be applied. A re-binding charge may also be applied to damaged items where appropriate. 

For inter-library loans the cost of replacement/damaged item is set by the loaning library. 

Refunds will not be given for items that have been lost for over one month.

Replacement Library Card

Borrower Charge
Adult £1.60
Under 18 55p
Chronically sick or disabled 55p
Looked after young people 55p



Borrower Torbay Libraries stock External library stock
Adult 70p £4.40*
Adult - renewal N/A £2.45
Child Exempt N/A


*The reservation charge is payable once the request has been ordered.


Over and above the concessions detailed above, the following also apply: 

People under 16 years of age 

Free initial loan period of Junior Language items and exemption from overdue charges. 

Chronically sick or disabled 

Up to 3 renewals and exemption from overdue charges for spoken word items. 

Free initial loan period for music CDs and language courses 

Free reservations (maximum of 4 at any time) 


Note: In appropriate circumstances, libary staff are authorised to exercise discretion in the matter of overdue charges and replacement charges.

VAT is chargeable only where shown.

To view our Annual Report to find out more about library fees and expenditure, click here.


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