If a book you are looking for is not in stock in Torbay Libraries, ask a member of staff to give you a reservation card to complete and we will do our best to obtain the book for you from another Library within the UK.

It is also possible to request photocopies from serials and periodicals, subject to current copyright regulations. We do sometimes request the whole volume for you to look at, either in paper format or on microfilm. There is a microfilm reader available, subject to booking, in Torquay Library.

The more details you can provide us with the more efficiently and more quickly we can process your request.

There is a £4 initial charge for inter-library loans and £2.20 charge for each renewal.

You can ask a member of staff for a reservation card at your library, or complete an online request here:

Request an Inter-library Loan

Library inter-lending is a co-operative and voluntary agreement between libraries, and some scarce, fragile, or locally significant material may be excluded from the scheme, or lent only on the condition that it is read within the Library. Loan periods for books supplied by inter library loan are at the discretion of the supplying library and may vary considerably. They are also subject to recall by the supplying library at any time after the initial loan period has expired.



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