If there are particular books or films you are looking to borrow and you want to see if we have them in stock, you can check the online catalogue.

The catalogue will also show where items are held, and you can tell an item’s location with the key below:

e-books - This is the collection of eBook and eAudiobook titles. These may be borrowed via our Overdrive webpages: please follow the ‘Download link’ for each title, or search the online catalogue. This link should now point to (instead of the previous torbay version)

Torquay Local History - This is a part of Torquay Library and is a reference only area where items can be looked at, but not borrowed.

Stack or Ref Stack - A stack is a non-public part of a library where lesser-used material is stored. Much of it can be borrowed on request, but not all. The stack is in Torquay Library.

No copies - On the catalogue there may be an entry for some items with title details but showing no copies. Please ask staff for more information.

CIRC - These are books which have been removed from a library and a decision will be taken on whether to withdraw them from stock or to reallocate them to another library.

A ‘Circ’ book can be moving between libraries or waiting for a decision. If you want to obtain a copy of a book listed as "circulating stock", you can request it at your local library. If it is still in print, we may decide to purchase a copy, or if not, it may be possible to borrow a copy from elsewhere.

Reader Group - These are collections of books specifically initially purchased for use by Torbay Library Reader Groups and then outside Reader Groups. The collections are not spilt up for individual loans.

Staff Library - This is a collection of material to do with libraries. Items may be borrowed on request or made available for reference use in a library. The collection is based in a non-public part of Torquay Library.

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